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Our Story

The magic of poms is hard to describe in words. It’s something you feel, something you sense. When you see someone wearing poms, you can’t help but smile. When you put them on, you feel joy and love shining from and upon. As if you and the universe are in on the secret. The connectedness of everything. The gift that is life, and laughter, and love. 
Poms are powerful connectors, attracting magical people and moments into life that are meant to be. They are a protector of spirit and self, filling oneself and one’s surroundings with light. It is said the artisans who make them spend hours imbuing each pom garland with love. You can certainly feel it.
We exist because of and for each other. Poms are the physical representation of our interconnectedness. That we are the result of everyone that surrounds us. That one action we take can impact so far and so many.
Each pom is hand-made by artisan families in the rural mountains of San Juan Chamala, in Chiapas, Mexico. It takes an experienced artisan 2-3 hours to complete. When they make poms, it is essentially a meditation - a tradition they have carried for many generations. These families live so secluded and far away, many have never left the mountain they live on.
The sale of each pom helps them live, thrive, and deepen their culture and connection with the land and their families without having to modernize or leave their communities for a stable source of income.