For more information, custom orders, collaborations or just to say hi, email us directly at: hello@magicpoms.co 

How much is being paid to the artisans who make the poms? 

We pay the artisans we work with 3x the amount they usually sell the pompoms locally, and we have increased the amount we pay them each year as we continue to expand and grow our production with them. We believe it’s essential they feel extremely valued and supported, because it’s the energy they put into each and every pom as they make them. This also allows them to stay closer to home, spending more time with their families instead of having to travel into the cities, often for days or weeks at a time, to sell in local markets.

How long are the poms? 

As our poms are made by hand by various artisans, the length of each strand of poms may vary slightly. They range from 5’9” to 6’ from the end of one tassel to the other. Each pom is approximately 1.5". 

How many poms are on each strand? 

There are 21 poms on each stand, as the number 3 (and multiples thereof), is a magical number for the Mayan people, said to have good luck energy and represent the mind, body, and spirit.

What about the colors?

All materials are sourced by the artisans in local markets, slightly varying the colors from pom to pom. On multi-color poms, the center string color varies.

Can I request custom colors or custom lengths?

We love helping people bring a specific vision to life with custom pom creations and often create batches for special events, celebrations, communities, etc. Our minimum custom pom order is 25+. If you have suggestions on colors or lengths you’d like to see added to the website, we’d love to hear from you!

How long does shipping / fulfillment take? 

Please allow up to 10 business days to receive your order.  If we expect any delays with shipment, we’ll be sure to email you directly once the order has been placed to confirm timing. Keep in mind, these are made in the rural mountains of Chiapas, Mexico. 

Do you have free shipping? 

Standard shipping is free with orders of $50 (before taxes) or more.